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The two main delivery vehicles for area regeneration are:

  • Area Based Regeneration for the East, West and North of the city
  • 1NG (the NewcastleGateshead City Development Company) for the City Centre.

This section concentrates on the programmes led by Area Based Regeneration (ABR). However, just as ABR contributes strongly to delivery of all the SCS Themes, other Themes will also have programmes and projects contributing to area regeneration, as will many Council Services and partner organisations.

Area Based Regeneration

Lead Directorate Environment & Regeneration
Director of Area-Based Regeneration Phil Joyce
ABR Programme Manager Helen Golightly

Area Based Regeneration (ABR) is where local planning and delivery merge and combine to create the impetus to deliver the regeneration of the city.  Working at a local level with a wide range of stakeholder groups, ABR develops community aspirations to produce meaningful plans and projects, in accordance with the Council’s strategic plans and strategies. 

The work of the division includes the identification of sites with development potential, the production of plans and guidance for such action and, in some cases, the management of the subsequent development and delivery process. Project development requires proactive stakeholder involvement, judicious planning of finances from a range of sources and development of appropriate delivery vehicles.  To execute this effectively, ABR encompasses multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals with different skills bases, using joint working to deliver regeneration projects across the city.

The ABR programmes are detailed below:

Area Programme Director Programme Manager Programme
East Guy Currey Gillian Reed Heart of Walker
Walker Riverside Housing
Walker Riverside Green Spaces
Byker Ouseburn
East Newcastle Economic Development
West Martin Walker Karen Kilgour Scotswood Masterplan
Benwell District Heart
Riverside Dene
West Newcastle Economic Development
North Paul Marshall Karen Kilgour Delivery of the Cowgate Regeneration Strategy
North Green Spaces

City Centre

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