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Project Management System

Welcome to the programme and project management system

The Project Management System (PMS) is here to support programme and project management across the council and our partners.  It helps us in a number of ways:

  • providing clear and accessible information on progarmme and project activity - past, present and future
  • supporting cross-Directorate and partnership working
  • ensuring a consistent approach to programme and project management, whilst allowing flexibility to adapt to service needs
  • improving the effectiveness of programme management in controlling demand and prioritising project activity
  • making the best use of programme and project resources
  • developing and retaining skills
  • improving the effectiveness and efficiency of project delivery.

At the core of the system are six stages, linked to the gateways approvals needed for all new projects:

1   Mandate
2   Proposal
3   Business Case
4   Start-up
5   Delivery
6   Close

There are also a number of processes - such as resource planning and management, governance and reporting, risk management, stakeholder engagement and communications - which run through all of the stages, and there is more detail on these in the project management toolkit section.

If you are new to programme and project management and reading the PMS from the beginning, you may come across terminology that you are unfamiliar with.  You should find the explanations you need in the toolkit section, and there are lots of hyperlinks to help you find these. If you have any queries, please contact your Directorate Programme Manager

Wellbeing, Care and Learning

Janette Brown


Jenny Nelson


Paul Lant

Investment and Development

Janet Waggott

Assistant Chief Executive

Kirsty Hopkins