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Programme Roles and Responsibilities

This section describes a number of key roles which are essential to making the new project management system operate effectively within each Theme/Directorate and Programme, alongside corporate support and assurance.

Theme and Directorate roles

Directorate Programme Manager

The Directorate Programme Manager is an experienced project and programme manager, who has overall responsibility for portfolio management of project activity in relation to work for which their directorate is the lead.  The Directorate Programme Manager ensures the overall integrity and coherence of the relevant programmes and the effective planning, prioritisation, resourcing and control of projects. They work closely with the Head of Programmes & Major Projects to apply and adapt the PMS as appropriate to the directorate portfolio, and ensure compatibility with information, planning, performance and reporting systems within the directorate, supported by the directorate’s Business Support Unit.

Contact details for your Directorate Programme Manager can be found here.

Directorate Directorate Programme Manager Phone / Extension Email
Wellbeing Care and Learning Janette Brown 0191 211 6308 / 26308
Resources Jenny Nelson 0191 211 6260 / 26260
Communities Paul Lant 0191 211 6858 / 26858
Investment and Development Janet Waggott 0191 211 5261 / 25261
Assistant Chief Executive Kirsty Hopkins 0191 211 4977 / 24977

Programme Roles

Programme Director

Each programme must have a Programme Director, who is directly accountable to the Programme Board for the success of the programme, measured by achievement of its objectives and delivery of anticipated benefits. The Programme Director is responsible for developing the programme’s vision and providing clear leadership, liaison with key senior stakeholders, and securing sufficient resources to deliver the programme. 

Programme Manager / Programme Coordinator

Ideally, each programme should also have a Programme Manager, responsible for setting up, managing and overseeing delivery of the programme through its entire lifecycle.  However, it is likely that this resource will not be available to all programmes, and elements of this role may therefore fall to the Directorate Programme Manager.  As a minimum, though, there should be a competent Programme Coordinator, able to devote at least one day per week to the programme to take responsibility for administration of the Programme Board and maintaining programme information systems.

Corporate Support and Assurance

Head of Profession

The Head of Programmes & Major Projects (Alison Fellows), as Head of Profession, is responsible for functional management of the Directorate Programme Managers.  She also provides advice, support and challenge, including approvals and gateways, in relation to major projects; and acts as gatekeeper for deployment of corporate project managers and internal and external consultancy resources.

You can contact Alison on 277 7040 (extension 27040) or email