Newbiggin Hall Shopping Parade Facelift

Submitted by Juliet on Sun, 04/11/2010 - 15:52

The Newbiggin Hall neighbourhood and its centre were constructed during the mid 1950's and consist of large numbers of housing association managed stock along with a local shopping centre and a number of community and social services and facilities. Its proximity to Newcastle Great Park and Newcastle International Airport to the north east of the site, linked by the A696, present opportunities.

Investment has been secured to provide a facelift scheme to the retail parade in the short term until broader regeneration of the centre is feasible. It is hoped that this will increase usage by residents and sustain and attract existing and new businesses into the area. The redevelopment of the Neighbourhood Centre will provide local facilities which are accessible and green space. Our regeneration plans will see the creation of a new smaller shopping centre, with the future option of including some new Council services, but these will be phased, and developed later in the programme.