Programme Director: Jan Cromarty 
Chair: Barry Rowland
Programme Manager: Bryan Beverley 

Key Issues:

We want to encourage residents to become involved in their communities and the decisions that affect their lives. Key initiatives include:

  • Newcastle’s Community Empowerment Framework which will ensure greater coordination of existing engagement activities and will enhance major new initiatives like neighbourhood management and Participatory Budgeting
  • The development of Neighbourhood Charters which will hold the City Council and Partnership to account for our resident’s local priorities
  • The Udecide Participatory Budgeting initiative. Pilots have been completed with success and mainstreaming of this initiative has begun
  • Creating ‘community hubs’ which will provide the right mix of services and facilities to address community needs.

 Priority Targets:

  • People are included in their communities
  • People have fair and equal access to places, buildings, services and opportunities
  • (Newcastle is a resilient city)

 Delivery Plans:

  • Community Empowerment Framework