Programme Director: Simon Underwood
Chair: Ewen Weir 
Programme Manager: Kirsty Hopkins 

Key Issues:

We want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential irrespective of their background.
We will do this by tackling discrimination and working to ensure that all our residents can access services and opportunities as well as participate in the civic and community life of Newcastle. High levels of multiple deprivation can lead to the economic and social exclusion of local people. We are committed to promoting respect within and between different communities and enabling all people in the city to have the resources and support they need to participate in their local community and wider society.

Newcastle’s population is becoming more diverse. The latest school census information shows that 18% of the school population in Newcastle are from BME backgrounds and 16% have a first language that is not English. We must ensure that services continue to evolve to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse city. We are committed to maintaining and improving good relationships between the people of Newcastle, in a manner which celebrates the contributions of people from richly diverse backgrounds and brings people together to enhance community cohesion.

Priority Targets:

  • People are included in their communities
  • People have fair and equal access to places, buildings, services and opportunities
  • (Newcastle is a resilient city)

 Relevant Delivery Plans:

  • Social Inclusion Strategy
  • Equality Framework for Local Government