Employability and Skills

Employability and Skills Programme

Programme Director: Rob Hamilton

Programme Manager: Lorraine O'Dea (interim)

The Employability and Skills Programme aims to ensure that the economy of Newcastle is equipped with the right available workforce; partners need to structure a viable pipeline of potential employees from all available routes. While higher end of the market is often accommodated by our universities and partners such as Science City, there is a need to ensure that the local residents are prepared to compete for jobs with others travelling into Newcastle. High level programme objectives include:

  • Produce a Work & Skills Plan for the City – this plan is a requirement and must be completed with partners input (Required to assure central government discretionary resource is being spent to add value to mainstream)
  • Work towards a Integrated Employment & Skills agenda at city level (To ensure both agendas work towards demands of business)
  • Review young adult agenda and ensure there is enough support in place to accommodate city’s needs (This group has been substantially affected by the recent downturn, adding to this the demographic issues may affect the city long term growth)
  • Develop the relationships with Gateshead and Tyne & Wear City Region (To ensure delivery and decision making at the appropriate level for effective solutions for the city)
  • Oversight of delivery of employment action plan (To ensure that the Employability and skills agenda in Newcastle is effectively delivered)
  • Develop Council’s (and LSP members) role as an employer – Local Education Partnerships, apprenticeships, skills development etc (to improve NCC intake of disadvantaged residents and promote continual development for their workforce)

Further details regarding the Employability & Skills Programme’s portfolio to follow