Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/17/2010 - 11:15

Project 3.1 – Community Engagement and Participation

Lead Officer: Jan Cromarty



3.11 – There is an improvement in the participated rates of under-represented groups in civic and public life.


3.12 – More people believe that there has been an improvement in relations across diverse communities and harassment and hate crimes are dealt with effectively.


3.15 – The authority has a sophisticated and segmented understanding of its local communities which influences and informs policy developments.


3.16 – All sections of the community are satisfied that the authority and its partners have taken their views into account.


3.17 – Effective forums are in place to enable all equality stakeholders / representatives of vulnerable and marginalised groups to challenge, scrutinise and evaluate priorities.


3.24 – More people believe that they have been treated fairly and that their human rights have been respected


3.25 – There is increased satisfaction with services amongst all users, including vulnerable and marginalised groups. (Links to 3.21)