Lead Partnership Wellbeing and Health
Lead Directorate Adult & Culture Services
Theme Lead Ewen Weir
Directorate Programme Manager Lindsey Cooper


Programme Sub-Programme Programme Director Programme Manager
Putting People First Community Wellbeing Colin Williams Lindsey Cooper 
Personalisation Colin Williams
Commissioning and Market Development Rachel Baillie
Operational Services Cathy Bull
Housing Rachel Baillie
Business and Resource Management Adam Fletcher
Culture and Lifelong Learning Tony Durcan
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)* Colin Williams

The SCS outcomes relevant to adult wellbeing and health and to which these programme contribute are shown here. The projects within this theme are those which are, in the main, delivered and led by the Council. However, many of the projects are delivered with involvement of key partners where relevant to a particular project. The projects governed within this set of programmes are just one of the delivery mechanisms to achieve the outcomes of the SCS theme. Activities outside this programme governance designed are governed under other appropriate arrangements (e.g. service planning, partnership delivery boards, etc). A delivery map has been developed which shows all these partnership activities - for further information, contact the Wellbeing & Health Partnership Coordinator, Helen Wilding (helen.wilding@newcastle.gov.uk). 

*As the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is the foundation upon which all the work carried out within this theme sits, the JSNA project reports directly to, and is governed by, the Theme Board.

Theme Management Board

Membership of the Adult Wellbeing and Health Theme Board is as follows:

Ewen Weir Executive Director of Adult & Culture Services
Lindsey Cooper Directorate Programme Manager
Colin Williams Head of Transformation   
Adam Fletcher Head of Business Management
Cathy Bull Head of Adult Services
Rachel Baillie Head of Commissioning
Tony Durcan Head of Culture, Libraries and Lifelong Learning
Lynne Dixon Director of Service Modernisation, Primary Care Trust (PCT)
Maurya Cushlow Executive Director of Community Services, PCT


Adults Are Healthy

  • Adults have healthy lifestyles and avoid risky behaviours
  • Adults are not harmed by alcohol, drugs and other substances
  • Adults are physically healthy
  • Adults are mentally and emotionally healthy and can deal with significant life changes and challenges
  • Adults have help to prevent ill-health and long term care needs
  • Adults have excellent quality treatment and care if needed
  • Adults are safe from accidental injury and avoidable death

Adults have a good quality of life

  • Adults have appropriate support to find and stay in a suitable home
  • Adults have friends, family and support networks
  • Adults can get out and about easily
  • Adults have good quality services, facilities and activities within their neighbourhoods
  • Adults enjoy creative, cultural, sporting and leisure activities
  • Adults are, and feel safe in, their neighbourhoods with a shared sense of belonging
  • Newcastle has quality homes that meet the range of people’s needs now and in the future.
  • Newcastle has great parks, green spaces, heritage and cultural venues

Adults make a positive contribution

  • Adults are law-abiding and engage in positive behaviours
  • Adults contribute to their communities
  • Adults are informed and empowered to shape the future of Newcastle and its neighbourhoods
  • Adults ensure children and young people have a good quality of life
  • Newcastle has a thriving voluntary and community sector

Adults exercise choice and control

  • Adults are well informed about services, activities and opportunities
  • Adults of all backgrounds are informed and empowered to engage in decision making about their lives
  • Adults are in control of the services they need so they can live the life they want.
  • Adults trust the institutions which have an influence on their lives

Adults are free from discrimination or harassment

  • Adults have fair and equal access to places, buildings, services and opportunities
  • Adults are safe from bullying, discrimination, hate crime and harassment
  • Adults are included in their communities
  • Adults live in mixed and diverse neighbourhoods where people get on well together
  • Newcastle has the right physical and digital infrastructure that is inclusive
  • Newcastle is a safe place to live, work, study and visit

Adults have economic wellbeing

  • Adults are engaged in employment, education or training
  • Adults have skills and knowledge relevant to current and future job market
  • Adults are free from poverty and its impact
  • Adults manage money well, plan for the future and access financial assistance, benefits, tax credits and other assistance when eligible

Adults maintain personal dignity

  • Adults are treated and treat others with respect and dignity
  • Adults have security, stability and are cared for
  • Adults are safe from maltreatment, neglect, abuse and exploitation.
  • Adults are protected from domestic violence, sexual violence and alcohol related violence
  • Adults have a good end of life leading to a dignified death