The Putting People First  programme and its six sub-programmes are a direct response to the social care reform agenda and are resourced through the ring fenced, three year, social care reform grant. 

The key drivers for the Putting People First programme are:

Putting People First (2007), a collaboration between Central and Local government, the sectors professional leadership and the regulator which sets out a shared vision and commitment to the transformation of Adult Social Care.

LAC (DH) (2008) 1 (Transforming Social Care) sets out the Department of Health’s expectations for the reform of Adult Social Care Services. By 2011, all Councils with social services responsibilities will be expected to have made significant progress towards delivering personalised services which enable individuals or groups to develop solutions which work for them. Key components will include:

  • Strategic shift of investment to prevention, re-enablement and early intervention
  • Everyone eligible for statutory support having a personal budget, a clear and transparent allocation of resources, with many more people having the opportunity to take all or part of this budget as a direct payment           
  • Programme Director Ewen Weir
    Programme Manager Lindsey Cooper