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Your Electoral Ward

Your Electoral Ward

Your Electoral Ward is: OUSEBURN

Bin Collections

Bin collections

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Who represents you

Who represents you:

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Ward priorities

Ward Priorities

• Environment – People care about how Ouseburn looks they would like to see a reduction in fly tipping and dumping in back lanes and clean and tidy streets that everyone can enjoy. They want to see access to good quality green space and parks across the ward protected and improved including Heaton Park, City Stadium and Ouseburn valley.
• Activities for Young People – People want to see positive activities for young people, to ensure they are not on the streets, and to help raise their confidence and skills to widen future opportunities.
• Reduce Social Exclusion and Social Isolation – People want to ensure appropriate local services are available including for emerging new communities and older people. They also want to bring communities together to support each other to reduce isolation and combat loneliness.
• Community Safety - People would like to feel safe and see a reductions in incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour and late Night noise.
• Parking – People have highlighted that increased car ownership, high levels of multiple occupancy properties in some neighbourhoods and commuter parking due to proximity to City Centre have all increased pressure on parking within the ward.

Ward Committee Meetings

Ward Committee Meetings

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Roadworks and road closures
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Litter Bins

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Food Banks

Temporary Emergency Food

This map gives a quick visual on organisations in the City that are helping during the coronavirus with free or cheap deliveries of food to those in need or in isolation or shielding. Each entry has a link to the InformationNOW website organisation entry which holds further details and to the Temporary food, Free and cheap meals pages. Click on the map to see day of the week, referral system and how to get food delivered or to collect.