A snapshot of the Geordie language

In February we invited the people of Newcastle to go on record and be part of history in a project, in partnership with the British Library, which celebrated the North East’s language and dialect. The region’s favourite Geordie words and phrases were recorded at City Library in a special booth which took a sample of the region’s diverse accents. These words and accents will be collected by the British Library to become part of a living time capsule which will be studied by future generations.

Favourite words were also collected from around the region via email, telephone and in person and the most popular words are in the ‘word cloud’ below which is a visual representation of their popularity. The bigger a word in the cloud, the more times is was suggested.

The top 20 Geordie words as nominated by people from across the region were:

1    Gannin        (Going)
2    Canny         (Well, fine, very)
3    Clarts          (Mud)
4    Hinny         (Honey, sweetheart, friend)
5    Divvent     (Do not)
6    Clarty         (Muddy)
7    Hoy             (Throw)
8    Nettie         (Toilet)
9    Doon           (Down)
10  Lass            (Woman, girl, wife)
11 Hacky          (Dirty)
12 Hadaway   (Go away)
13 Hyem          (Home)
14 Plodge        (Wade)
15 Toon            (Town)
16 Why-aye    (Yes, I agree)
17 Alreet         (Alright)
18 Claggy         (Sticky)
19 Knaa            (Know, no)
20 Marra         (Workmate, a match/equal)

(This is a rough indication of the most popular. Where words received the same number of votes, they are then ordered alphabetically in this list.)

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